Soundwave in partnership with EastSide Arts Alliance/LIVE ARTS IN RESISTANCE presents:

Warrior Ecologies: Black Fighting Formations (BFF)

EastSide Cultural Center / October 13, 2018

BFF is a part of Duets with Organizations series from Music Research Strategies. Inspired by narratives of fugivity and feats of solidarity during the Underground Railroad and US-held political prisoner, former BPP/BLA Russell “Maroon” Shoatz analysis of Black organizing potential, Music Research Strategies features its emergent relationship with Black Organizing Project and their “Bettering Our School System” campaign. Audiences will learn more about the campaign itself and participate in cultural formation as a methodology for new vocabularies of Improvisation, emergent narrative and strategies, and performing-political education relevant to issues in our midst.


The Live Arts in Resistance series is supported by: The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation; William & Flora Hewlett Foundation; The California Arts Council and the generous donations of individual supporters of EastSide Arts Alliance.

Jeramy DeCristo (Oakland: DJ)
Marshall Trammell (Kansas City: Percussion)
Mogauwane Mahloele (South Africa: Percussion) 

LAIR Artistic Director: José Navarrete

Curator: Ryanaustin Dennis

LAIR Co-producers: Susanne Takehara & José Navarrete